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It’s time for some December football

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It’s time for some December football

Dean from Leavenworth, IN

December is the time when teams need to be playing their best football. For a very healthy Packer team, that needs to happen the next five games. For comparison, what do you think have been the best game/games the Pack have played this season? Overall, offense, and defense? Thanks Wes.

I guess Oakland would be the best overall and offensive game, which included Aaron Rodgers’ perfect passer rating. The best defensive game was Chicago. The Packers don’t win if the defense doesn’t hold the Bears to three points. It also was the coming-out party for both Smiths.

Good morning! I know in the lead-up to the San Francisco game, both you and Mike stressed the difficulty of the turnaround from a West Coast trip to an East Coast trip in back-to-back weeks. How tolling is this for the players, and is the team doing anything different to minimize the effects this may have on the players?

The Packers did everything possible to rid the players of jet lag. Players had mandatory lifting early in the week but otherwise had off Monday and Tuesday to get their bodies back. The team also practiced later in the day Wednesday and didn’t put the pads on this week (you have to practice without pads three times in the final six weeks).

Insiders, league-wide, have the kickers gotten worse or have the mistakes just been publicized more? There sure seems to be a lot of missed FGs and extra points this year.

I’m not going to spend the time adding up all the makes and attempts but there are 18 kickers with at least an 80-percent conversion rate (min. 10 attempts) this year and 13 under that mark. Comparatively, there were 26 kickers who made at least 80 percent of their field goals last year (minimum 15 attempts) and only four under 80 percent. So it would suggest kickers have been more off this year.

If a wild-card team plays a division winner in the wild-card game, and the wild-card team has a better record, the game would still be played at the division winner’s field, right? Because they have a higher seed?

Correct. Division winners host. Only way a wild-card team would host a playoff game is if the No. 5 seed meets the No. 6 seed in the NFC Championship Game.

Darrell from San Antonio, TX

II, sometimes I wonder how good the Packers could be if we had Casey Hayward Jr., Micah Hyde, Taysom Hill, and Jared Cook on this roster. We could fortify our special teams and the back end of the defense while providing playmakers for Rodgers and the offense. Not to mention allowing us to spend draft capital in other areas to improve the team in lieu of trying to fill those holes. My bad, we did have them and let them walk. Oh well, it was a nice thought anyway.

It must be fun to have all the answers.

Given the brief time in Green Bay, Taysom Hill displayed his athletic ability. Now success in unconventional roles with N.O. beyond QB, it’s amazing. In your honest opinion, does the current Packer management group have the ability and imagination to recognize this in folks?

If you want to complain about how Hill isn’t a Packer – and so many of you do every time he picks up a yard – go right ahead. But don’t start with this “Do the Packers have the imagination to recognize this ability?” stuff. They were the first on the Taysom Hill bandwagon. It was only after watching him play in a preseason game the Saints noticed him. Sure, the Packers swung and missed on trying to sneak Hill to the practice squad but they moved him around plenty during his summer in Green Bay.

I was moving too much to really spend time watching the Detroit game but I was really impressed with their rookie QB. Thoughts?

David Blough did well for what was asked of him as a third-string QB making his first start on a short week. You can’t live on your undrafted rookie’s arm, though. The Lions didn’t have enough others step up to help Blough out.

I got my lunch box using my Packers Perks points, but unfortunately, it doesn’t say anything about the II or that Mike stole Wes’s lunch 🙁 Haven’t you two had talk with the Pro shop yet?

Wouldn’t it be cool if Spoff and I could get like a “Welcome Back Kotter”-style lunch box?

Guys, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Niners fans. After the loss, I had the mile-long walk of shame back to the parking lot (yes, it is that ridiculously long of a walk to parking) wearing my cheesehead, green and yellow overalls, and displaying my Green Bay tattoo on my right arm. Aside from one drunken fan, all I received were words of encouragement, pats on the back, and “we’ll see you in a few months.”

That is a kind gesture. Levi’s Stadium is a cluster. It’s a difficult parking lot to drive into and a very long walk to enter the stadium. It’s a beautiful venue once you’re in it, though.

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