Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

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Divisional Round Open Game Discussion

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Figured the MIN OL would be…

Figured the MIN OL would be no match for the SF DL. Seems to be true so far – that TD was lucky, basically a 1st quarter version of the Miracle against New Orleans a couple of years ago – but the MIN DL vs SF OL seems to be pretty lopsided, too. In particular, that SF RT looks like a big problem. If he doesn’t get it together quickly, they’re going to have to keep an extra TE or back in to block, making it harder to attack the iffy MIN CBs. I mean they’ve got Kittle so their passing game will probably be fine, but that’s the matchup that stands out to me in the early going.

Looks like they’re running to the outside (away from him) too. That might slow the rush, unless they just fumble it away when they do… (I thought he was clearly down in real time, looks like the review agreed).

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